mean dogs


Why are dogs mean and why do dogs go after each other do they hate each other what is it I need to know because then I will under stand why dogs are so mean to each other


Phyllis replied:

You must have had a bad experience with a dog.  All dogs aren’t mean.  It  mostly depends on the way they were treated, either by their present owner or something that happened to them before.  Some owners, even though they aren’t cruel to their dogs, teach them to be aggressive–doing a lot of swatting and trying to pull things out of their mouths and rough-housing with them, and not a lot of gentle talk and petting.  Keeping a dog chained will make him aggressive because he has to act mean, so that any dog running around free will be afraid to attack him.  Dogs that are treated well by their owners usually grow up to be gentle themselves, just like children.

Posted on: May 21, 2017


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