My connection with Shiloh

I’ve seen a hurt dog, In fact, my dog had been bitten and scratched on his face. I saw him at the pet store and just knew something had happened. He was so frail and fragile. Judd had been so cruel to Shiloh and it seemed as if Shiloh would be “scarred” in a way. I can’t imagine the way Shiloh looked when Marty saw him.
When Judd just gave up, Shiloh was safe and couldn’t get hurt anymore by him… but I thought that the horrors would never quite be forgiven or forgotten.
The way that Judd had changed in the way he thought about Marty and Shiloh had been so unexpected. After all the beating and abuse he caused to his dogs, he seemed like a forever selfish man, wanting only bad things for others and fortune for himself. When he gave the poor beagle to Marty it made me happy that Shiloh had finally gotten a permanent home with a loving family, that Judd would just let him go.
I realized Judd was broken and had only known the wrongs in his life, never being able to really help others. He needed to see the compassion between Marty and Shiloh to really understand selflessness so he could finally pull himself back together. Shiloh just needed a home where he was cared about, where his “feelings” were important.
No matter who or what you are, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done, you need to see love and you need to experience love. Kindness is essential to life, even if people say that they don’t need it. I hope that nobody can go without that warmth of care.
Phyllis replied:

You seem like a very compassionate person, and it’s wonderful that your dog found a home with you.  Thanks so much for your email.

Posted on: January 30, 2017


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