Im having a great summer but there has been one thing on my mind the whole time… im starting high school this year and i am really nurvious. no matter how many times i read “alice alone” i cant get used to the idea of leaving my old school. and also i get really sick. i threw up on the first day of 8th grade. i dont know why i get so nervious.
Phyllis replied:
Sometimes we have to face things head-on.  Do you have any close eighth grade friends who will entering high school with you?  Can you even see any humor in this?  A few clothes friends following you in holding a bucket and a sign, “the bucket brigade,” and…to questions from others…”in case she pukes”?  Okay, no, I guess you’re too close to this for it to be funny. The thing is, when you’re a sophomore, or junior, or senior, and feeling at home in high school, you’re going to think of all the funny things you could have done; all the witty things you could have said.  The way upper classmen would look at you and your friends and think, “Hey, there’s a lively bunch!”  If you can’t find some humor in the situation, then you just have to live through it, and when you’ve lived through a number of “firsts” and realize you do survive, the anxiety should get less. 
Posted on: July 4, 2009


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