Note From Phyllis

Hello, readers:

I’m experimenting with the new layout for my blog, and will try to insert a photo showing you where I write my Alice books.  A photographer had come to take some pictures for a magazine, but I didn’t know what angle he was going to use.  As you can see, I tried to hide an overflowing magazine rack behind my chair, but the photographer moved over to one side and shot the picture.  I didn’t even try to disguise the messy stack of papers beside my chair.  I write the first draft of a chapter out in longhand on a clipboard.  Then I immediately rewrite it, a little neater so I can still read it later.  After the whole manuscript has been written NaylorP©Gilbert0021twice in cursive, I type it up on the computer, then print it out and edit–type it up again, print it out and edit–perhaps three or four more times, until I feel it’s the best I can do.  Then I send it to my publisher.  The painting on the wall above the buffet is by the artist Marcy Ramsey, who does wonderful oil paintings, and has also illustrated many books, including my “Simply Sarah” series for younger children.

Posted on: May 22, 2009


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