Question about Marty and Shiloh


I am a veteran of 28 years in the classroom…mostly with reluctant readers (i.e. dyslexics, learning disabled) and I have NEVER had books that caused my most reluctant boys to want to read more. I say all that to ask you, as an author, would you be okay with someone like me (an aspiring author) writing a book about Marty and Shiloh all grown up. My boys just really want to know things like…does Marty get to become a vet, what happens to Judd, and such. I know you said in one answer that you only had “2 hands and one lifetime” so you were not planning on anymore of the Shiloh series being written. I wait expectantly for your answer!

Phyllis replied:

I am honored that you like the series so much that you want to write a sequel.  But that idea, along with a number of other ideas, is something being considered by the movie producers.  If your boys like series, you might want to start them out by reading aloud to them the first chapter of “The Boys Start the War,” (first of a 12 book series), followed by “The Girls Get Even.”   Pure fun.  Check out these books on my website.


Posted on: February 13, 2018


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