Question: Do you write other books like the Alice series?

I have read every Alice book. I have a couple of questions. (1) Do you write other books like the Alice series? I know you’ve written alot, but I’m looking for something like the Alice books. (2) I read on your website that you said that, after Alice reach’s 18, you’ll do one more book. Is that what u meant? (3) If you do “do” one more book after she reach’s 18, will she reach 60 in that same book? lol sorry for the complicated Q’s.

PHYLLIS Replied:
I write lots of other books besides the Alice series, but not exactly like Alice. The boys/versus/girls books (“The Boys Start the War,” “The Girls Get Even),” is a series for younger readers, and other books–“Cricket Man,” “Ice,” “Blizzard’s Wake,” “Jade Green,” “Sang Spell,” are for teens. You are correct in that, after I write the next three or four books–27–there will be one last book called “Always Alice,” in which she goes from 18 to age 60, each chapter jumping a few years and hitting a high point of her life.

Posted on: January 22, 2009


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