Question: Hi, if this is the real phyllis….

Hi, if this is the real phyllis and not just some handy assistant impersonating. I do not have my poster yet. barrak obama(whoooooo!) is already president. and there are a few things in the movie and book i should point out. Patrick is a redhead not blond. Alice and pam were so not competing. Patricks underwear was red with white polka dots(or vice versa my memory in not that good).since when is mallory(or whatever her name is) asian she is a brunette and dates lester for a while. Lester is brunette too. That is just some critique (all writers need some). but besides that i love your books i am thirteen and have been reading them since 5th grade when i was asigned a boo report and found your book and just kept on reading the series. I think it was fate. i have read all 21 and is waiting for the 22nd in june. bye and again. I love your books

PHYLLIS Replied:

Yep, I’m the real Phyllis. My secretary has been gone for several weeks. If you do not get your poster in two more weeks, please request it again and be sure to give your complete name and address. As for the movie–yes, yes, yes–you are correct, but as I told my readers when I announced that the DVD, “Alice Upside Down,” was now available, the director and producers made many changes. I did not write the script or do the casting. I suggested that you approach the movie as something similar but not identical to “The Agony of Alice.” See them as two separate things, and enjoy the movie as it is.
Obviously,you know the Alice books well and I’m glad you enjoy them so much.

Posted on: January 29, 2009


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