Question: i am gonna be 16 in a couple months and i never got kissed before!…

hey! i just need some advice. i am gonna be 16 in a couple months and i never got kissed before! i like a guy…i REALLY like him. im pretty sure he likes me back too. i’ve been to his house twice and i met his family, and he met mine. we already really good friends, but i really want to kiss him and let him know how much i care about him. but the thing is, he’s had ONE girlfriend in his whole life and that was in first grade. he’s kind of a shy type guy and since he’s never had a kiss before either, he’s probably nervous too. i dont know when or even HOW i can do this. but i really really want to. he wants me to go to his house every other weekend, which i think would be a good time to do it…but i just dont know how to start it to move in that direction…please help! also, thank you for writing the alice books! they’re very helpful and entertaining!

PHYLLIS Replied:
Which do you love more, the guy or the idea of kissing?  Please hold off for awhile.  He’s invited you to his house, and that’s good.  You’re showing him you like him by coming over.  Sit next to him.  Sit a little closer.  Touch his hand once in a while when you’re talking.  Grab his arm when  you go somewhere.  The more comfortable you can make him physically when he’s with you, the more natural you can help him feel, the sooner you’ll get the kiss you’re waiting for.

Posted on: January 6, 2009


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