Question: So I’m in high school, and I had my first love last spring…

Hey I know you get tonnns of mail asking for advice, but do you think you can help me out? So I’m in high school, and I had my first love last spring. We were just the lovely dovey type, nothing sexual or anything. Then, I broke up with him because I got kind of, I don’t know, scared I guess. I never told him that though. I just said I wanted a break. So months passed, and we still stayed really good friends. We never talked about going back out though.  In the beginning of fall I realized that I never really got over him, and I knew I still liked him. So, I wrote him a note saying the only reason I broke it off was because of me getting scared and etc. I didn’t mention me still liking him though. He never wrote back though.. so later I asked him why he didn’t, and he said he didn’t know what to say. So I just kind of waited. Then finally I told him I liked him, and he said he liked me too but didn’t want a gf right now. Now it’s just been kinda hanging at that. I don’t know what to do.. should I lay off, or what?

PHYLLIS Replied:
Yes, I would lay off.  You’ve told him why you broke off with him, and that’s good.  Then you went further and said you still liked him.  So he knows.  But he’s also been honest with you and said he doesn’t want a girlfriend right now, so you’ve g ot your answer.  Respect that.  Maybe he’s kinda scared now too, and you should understand the feeling.

Posted on: January 6, 2009


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