Question: So my friends boyfriend is acting rather friendly toward me…

First i want to say that i feel very out of the loop. When did you change your web page? wow. I need to start visiting it more i like reading the letters and you answers.

I have a question, which is the main reason why i visited again. So my friends boyfriend is acting rather friendly toward me. Everything that he does to his girlfriend (i.e. tickling her in the hall and acting really flirty) he does with me. I kind of flirt back but that’s just my personality i don’t do it on purpose (my parents call me the flirt of the house). I want to tell my friend what is going on because i feel kind of guilty. i want to know if i should tell her or to just continue with how things are. Also does that mean i’m a slut? help please?

PHYLLIS Replied:
Good grief. A bit of flirting does not make one a slut. If this goes on in front of your girlfriend, OK. If he only does this when her back is turned, and you only respond when she’s not looking, then you’re both hiding something, and you’d better stop. Unless you want it to happen to you some day. At this point I wouldn’t tell her, she’s bound to find out on her own the way he behaves with other girls. Just don’t let the other girl be you.

And yes, the website has a whole new look and there are lots of new things to explore. Soon I’ll be able to answer your posts myself, as soon as I read them, instead of sending them first to the website and waiting until they have a chance to post them.

Posted on: January 22, 2009


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