Question: There’s this guy I like, (I’m in the 8th grade)…

Hey PN, it’s totally been awhile since I’ve written to you. Okay, so I just need some answers to a few questions I’m kind of confused about. There’s this guy I like, (I’m in the 8th grade) Let’s call him patrick ( like in ALICE heehee) okay, so I’ve been crushing on Patrick for quite awhile now, and I’ve told my friends that I like him, so most of them have pretty much told him that I have feelings for him. But like, when they asked him if he likes me back, he doesn’t really say anything. So like a few weeks ago, he sent a friend request to me on Myspace and I added him. My friend told me that Patrick has asked her multiple of times out during the summer, but she doesn’t like him back that way. That was like alittle while ago, so I’m guessing he probably move on. Anyways, we’ve been recently sending messages together back and forth all the time and I engoy talking to him. Sometimes our messages get alittle flirty,(Mostly I’m always the flirt) or we just talk about random stuff. At school, we don’t really talk much since I don’t have any classes with him. But he will sometimes bump hips with me in the hall or give me a knowing grin. I’m like always nervous when I see him, I get butterflys and I’m always ducking around somewhere when he’s in sight or when my friends embarrass me in his presence. He send me a message like a week ago saying that people say that I like him, and I was like yea, and later he told me that he liked me. alot. Then he asked me why I liked HIM and I told him because I thought he was cute blah blah…and he sai! d some things he liked about me too.  Now, he hasn’t asked me out yet, which is really weird. I’m like waiting for him to ask me out but he won’t which is kind of bugging me. I mean, if he likes me then he should ask me out right? I don’t know if he’s shy or if he wants me to make the first move, well I don’t know, should I? Or he probably doesn’t like me, he just said that because he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings.  I’m confused, what should I do? Ask him out? Because I really really like him.

PHYLLIS Replied:
Look.  There are no guarantees in life.  What does seem certain is that he likes that you like him.  That you think he’s cute.  Why not ask him to some event where other people will be present, so he’s one of a group, not a one-on-one date.  Then if he turns you down, it won’t seem so awful and at least you’ll know where you stand.  And if he really does want to go out with you and says yes, then yay!

Posted on: January 6, 2009


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