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I am a 4th grade teacher at Science Hill Independent School in Science Hill, KY. I started the year reading Shiloh aloud to my students. They absolutely loved the book and wanted to read the next book in the series, and the next, and the next. We were able to finish the 4th book just before Christmas break. On our last day before break, I showed students your website and many had comments/questions they wanted to share.  I thoroughly enjoyed the series as well and appreciate being able to use your books to spark the interest of reading in my students.

How long have you been an author? Why did you choose Shiloh to be a beagle?Can you write more Shiloh books? Your books are the best! What is your favorite Shiloh book?  Where did you get the name Shiloh?  How do you think of the details and plot for the books?  Why do you like writing books?

Thank you for making the Shiloh series! The books are awesome!I have read a lot of books and Shiloh is my favorite series.

Phyllis replied:

I’m so glad you read aloud to your students.  I can still remember teachers who did that–a chance for us just to sit back, listen to all the expression in her voice, and fall in love with books and stories.  In answer to your students’ questions, I had my first short story published when I was 16.  My first book was published when I was 32.  I chose Shiloh to be a beagle because the little dog I came across in West Virginia looked a little like a beagle.  I think I am through writing the Shiloh series…there are just too many other kinds of books I want to write.  The first Shiloh book is probably my favorite, and I named the dog in the story  Shiloh because that the name of the small community where I found her.  She was female.  To write a book, I simply put myself in the place of the main character and think what he would do in a certain situation, and what kind of problems he would face.  I like writing books because I enjoy creating characters and places and plots and see how they all turn out.

Posted on: January 2, 2018


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