Something I Can Connect With


   I have been reading the Alice series for only a few years but have read all of the books. They got me to enjoy reading. I have grown up with Alice and I know that she and the “crew” have made a difference in my life and the decisions i have made. When they laugh I laugh, and when they cry I cry too.They seem as though they are my friends everytime i turn the page. Thank you so much for writing the books. I truely hope you continue to write them and let us explore life with Alice and her friends. At fifteen it’s great to find something that you can connect to in such a way. I hope anyone reading the Alice series is captured in the quite ammusing life of Alice McKinley as I was. Keep writing!!


Phyllis replied:

Thanks so much for letting me know you enjoy the Alice books!

Posted on: June 4, 2009


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