Stupid Thing I Regret So Bad

hi p. i did this stupid thing n now i regret it so bad. i like this dude n i wanted 2 tell him that. idk y i want to tell him. i think i xpected him yo feel the same way or something. anyways last tym we were chating n i told him that i think that he’s cute. and he ended up saying OK n that was it, now im so mad that i told him, to tell the truth, i no that even tho he     MIGHT  have had lil feeling 4 me. i knew that nothing would have happened. we r a totally different ppl. idk wat 2 do. im not hurt or anthing but i gss i want it 2 go back 2 where we were b4. we weren’t frnd or anything but we were THERE. that might make sense but idk . so wat do u think i shold do?

Phyllis replied:

Look.  You didn’t ask him to marry you.  All you said was that he was cute and he said OK.  Just keep your conversation light and on other subjects and don’t mention it again.  But if you want to make sure he gets the message that you only want to be friends, tell him that you’ve made a list of all the guys you know who are cute, and then he’ll know he’s nothing special!


Posted on: June 20, 2009


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