Suspenseful, Heartbreaking and Funny


 I absolutely loved Intensely Alice! The book was suspensful, heartbreaking, and funny. I went to the bookstore the day the book came out, and I was informed that Alice had not even come in to any of the Arizona bookstores! Anyway, after a few long days I called an alternate bookstore and they had ONE copy, which I promptly bought. After all that, I finished the book in one day and loved every minute of it!
Phyllis replied:
I’m so glad you found a copy.  Bookstores get them in at different times, and libraries are later than bookstores. Best way to find a book, I’ve discovered, is to call ahead and find one by phone.  I’m just about ready to turn in the manuscript for next year’s Alice book, but it takes a full year for a manuscript to go through all the different processes required before it’s ready for publication.
Posted on: June 11, 2009


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