Telling the Truth About my Age

i have a question and you might find kinda stupid
but i really dont have anyone else to go to so here my story
okay so over summer i was really bored and went on this chat site or watrever
and meet this guy he was like 17 years old, and he also thought i was 17 and
we starting calling each other, n later on it become like a “bf, gf.” long distance relationship
but then i was really starting to like him and so was he and so i told him the truth about my age
that i was 14 and of course he was like oh dont worry i wont leave jsut cause of that i still “love” you and all
i guess it was going fine for a couple weeks, then i started getting the feeling of ingorance and it kinda got me mad
okay maybe he needed his space or watever n i did gave that to him…sorta… so then what happen i create a fake proflie on facebook
and added him and he kept talking to this girl kinda the same as me but not really and like ya he did admit to her or really me that he was
single, and then i message him saying oh thats me n i dont want to talk to you again so then lets say a month passes by i message him he messages me for  a
very short amount of time but withen that amount he said he still “loves me” and like i want to believe it but i dont and what gets me that i shouldnt be likeing
or eveing “loving” cause he like 300miles away from me and like i do know it not some creep we ,send videos ( nothing sexual just a simple a how are you, i miss you kinda video) before n i also got to talk to his little sister and his lil 3 year brother and i dont know maybe the question is how do i move on from this, it kinda of hard for me sence he wont responde to any of my messages,
Phyllis replied:
It’s possible, but not very probable, to fall in love with someone you meet in a chat room.  What you’re really falling for are the messages, the fact that somebody is talking to you, showing an interest in you, saying loving thoughts, and you are building up an image of this person that may or may not be true.  Let’s face it: if he was falling for you, he was falling in love with a fake girl, right?  Age 14, not 17.  And then this 14 year old girl tricks him into responding to another profile, and finds out that, once again, she’s not who he thought she was.  It’s sort of understandable, isn’t it, that he’s not responding to your messages?  I’m afraid that’s the real answer here.  He’s moved on.  It’s really time that you do too.  It’s easy, I know, to sit at your computer and “date” someone, but it’s not the same as relating to people in person, and that’s really, truly, what you should be do at your age.
Posted on: November 18, 2010


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