The Pelvic Exam that Freaked me Out!

Can I just say that your Alice books are the BEST!
When I read them it feels like I am watching TV it’s so easy to picture things when I read Alice books!  When I read your books it’s like everything around me doesn’t exist. Once I read like six of your books in one day! The quickest I have read a one of the Alice books is 15 minutes I think.I tell all my friends what I learn from Alice sometimes they say I never one want to go through that! I think the one they were most freaked out about was the pelvic exam that freaked me out so much! I wish the series would never end. 
Phyllis replied:
You read one of my books in 15 minutes?????  I’m glad you like them.  Right now I’m working on the very last chapter of the Alice book that will come out next year.  At the moment I’m calling it “Alice in Charge.”
Posted on: May 4, 2009


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