The witch saga


I would just like to say, that I love the 6 books about Mrs. Tuggle. I have read them since I was very young, 13 I think. And 31. I am from Denmark, and read them in Danish. They were my favorite books, and I have read them all so many times. I find them in Danish when I got older, but it was impossible to find them all. So I gave up. Until one day, a person answered an old request in a Facebook group and she had five of the books, just like I remember them from when I borrowed them at the school library when I was a teenager. I will keep them forever they are a reminder of when I was young and had a very magical imagination. Love them so much. They are such amazing book’s and You told the story so great. Thank you for writing them. They are my favorite books.


Phyllis replied:

You are a true fan, to have loved these books so long.  I really enjoyed writing them, although some of those chapters gave me goose bumps.  The girls in the house alone when all those cats and crows are clawing to get in….   The girls in the cellar, drawing a protective circle in chalk around them….  I can remember not wanting anyone to walk behind my chair while I was writing the books.  I knew I would rise up out of my chair if anyone had touched my shoulder.  Thanks so much for your email.

Posted on: January 31, 2017


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