The Witch Series…continued?


I loved reading the first 3 Witch books as a child. Imagine my excitement when a few years ago I discovered there were 3 more books in the series! I bought them all and they were as good as I remembered.  I’ve often thought it would be a great series to revisit. Perhaps a few more books with Lynn and Mouse as adults?I’d love for the story to continue – have you ever considered that?


Phyllis replied:

Oh, my goodness!  Lynn and Mouse as adults?  I don’t know….they’re more vulnerable at the age they are, so I wouldn’t try that.  I have too many other books I want to write, but it was a blast writing those six.  Scared me half to death just thinking all that stuff up.  The two scariest parts for me were the girls in Mouse’s bedroom alone at night, and suddenly all these cats and crows are scratching at the windows trying to get in.  And then…the scene in the cellar, with Mrs. Tuggle coming for them, and at the last minute they draw the circle around them on the floor….  I have goosebumps right now, just thinking about it.  I’m so glad you enjoyed those books.

Posted on: March 14, 2017


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