to walk the sky path


I am reading “sky path”: I am wondering how you came to possess such sympathy for the seminole experience: did you study this culture? Did you visit the everglades and experience firsthand? A very enjoyable read. Thank you!

Phyllis replied:

As I wrote that book some time ago, it’s hard to remember all that prompted it, but I remember reading that the Seminoles remained the unconquered American Indian tribe by retreating farther into the Everglades, and so we let them be, as we should have.  Yes, I did go to the Everglades and do some research, but mostly I was captivated by a long article in the National Geographic about modern  life in the Seminoles, and I had an expert read my manuscript and make a few corrections.  How true that book is to current conditions among the Seminoles, I really don’t know.

Posted on: December 13, 2016


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