Totally Disagree


I totally disagree with the opinons of some of the people who commented on your latest book! I know that’s there opinion but seriously! I totally understand why you made that “character” die in the book! If you didnt that would just make the book so not real! I mean yes you were just bringing that character out more showing more about it and talking about it! (using it to make it anonymous) And for that character to die is what keeps us thrilled and on the edge of our seats! And if you would have made someone else die it just would have been soooo not… i cant think of a word to discribe but you just know! That book was truelly amazing and fasanating to me! by the way I saw one of my entrees on your site and I am sooo happy! Esp. cuz you named it yummilicious!

Phyllis replied:

I’m glad you understand, but I respect all viewpoints.  Some readers are more attached to some characters than others.  My interest in the character who died was the relatives, and the part they played.

Posted on: June 24, 2009


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