Turning Seventeen


First of all I would like to tell you how appreciative I am that you have kept to the character’s and the Alice series, even as the characters have grown older. Even though I am turning seventeen in the fall, I still love waiting for the next book to come out so that I can read about the realistic problems that you portray; you are one of the few authors that I have read who does not overdramaticize or underplays the effects of these situations.
In the latest Alice novel, Intensely Alice, you have definitely kept up with this streak. The ending was…surprisingly, a mix of emotions. Growing up with these characters, I felt sadness along with Alice.  The death was unexpected and it brought out the role that this person had played in the series. A death of a friend was certainly a life changing event that brought Alice and her friends back together.

Phyllis replied:


I’m glad that the book meant so much to you.  And I love knowing that you’re continuing with the Alice series.  She’s exactly your age right now, isn’t she?

Posted on: July 8, 2009


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