I don’t have a question, it is more of a comment. I have just recently finished “I Like Him, He Likes Her” and while I was reading I came across 2 typo errors. On page 38 about half way down the page it reads “‘Alice, ex-cuse me, but I though you said a coed sleep over!’ she gasped.” In the sentence, the word though should read as the word “thought”. Also on page 319 towards the top of the page it reads “We were just finishing the last of the pizza and were going to stack the scenery and take all the stuff to the storage room when we saw Ron walk in though a side door.” In that sentence, the word though should read as the word “through”.
I very much enjoyed reading this book and have currently purchased all the books that follow. It was a great read and I would definitely suggest to my friends, just thought I would offer my findings, if they are at all important.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful series!


Phyllis replied:

You’re a good editor.  Those typos escaped me, my editor, and the copy-editor!

Posted on: July 19, 2017


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