Using a Tampon

I am having a big problem. I am leaving for camp in 37 days and by that time, I need to be able to use a tampon. I am so close to being able to use it. I get it in every single time no problem. But I never seem to get it in far enough because I can still feel it inside of me. What do I do? I have asked my mom, who says it can be done single handed. But I have to do it with two. Is that where the problem is? The clock is ticking because I don’t want to have to use pads when I am at camp but I just can’t master tampons. Help please! By the way, Alice is the best!
Phyllis replied:
It’s always tricky trying to use a tampon for the first time.  I wouldn’t think that one hand or two would make any difference.  I hope you’re using a junior size until you get the hang of it.   Tampons are always easier to insert if you are menstruating heavily, because it makes the inside of your vagina slippery.  Trying to practice when you aren’t having your period can be a little difficult.  Try using a junior size and smearing vaseline  over the end that you insert and along the sides.  Then, when it is in, push it as far as it will go.  Don’t worry; it won’t get lost in there, and you can always pull it out by the string.   Some girls say they can still feel the tampon slightly even when it’s all the way in, and this is a possibility, but I imagine that with enough practice and some lubrication, you’ll be able to use a tampon.  And if not, I don’t think you’ll be the only girl who has to wear a pad.  Many girls have heavy periods and need both a tampon and a pad.  Just joke about it.  Other girls will understand.
Posted on: May 16, 2009


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