We Decided to Read the Series Again


I have read your “Alice” books since I was in third grade. I know it seems a bit young but I started with the prequel ” Starting With Alice” and thought that I could read a book a year so that I could grow with Alice.

 It didn’t really turn out that way. Almost a year and a half went by and I read two or three books a week. I did this all the way up to “Alice On Her Way”. I finally realized that the books were getting way too adult for a girl in fourth grade so I stopped reading them and just sort of forgot about them. 

Just a few weeks ago my friend (who read the books with me) and I were at the local library and we found the same seventeen  Alice books we took out what seemed like an eternity ago. We decided we would read the series again starting with “The Agony of Alice”. We wanted to do this so that we could read our way back up to “Alice on Her Way”  and continue the series to the end. 

I hope that other girls ( or maybe some boys, I don’t know!) can enjoy the series like we did and remember the jokes and journeys Alice went through with yourself  tagging alongside her. You are a wonderful author and I can’t wait to read all twenty eight Alice books!

Phyllis replied:

What a great idea, to start way back with The Agony of Alice and read the books in order, including all the ones you’ve missed.  Enjoy, enjoy!

Posted on: June 14, 2009


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