What is the Right Age?


i absolutly love all of you alice books!! i just started reading them this year and i have fell in love!! I can read them in a day…max 2days….haha…..i didnt know the books camE in order though so i have been reading them out of oreder, but they still make sense…ive only seen one of the alice moives and it was the first one i think, becuase i only thought there was one…..anyway my question is even though your book sais for ages 9-13 what do u think is the right age to start readin alice books??….PLEASE right back so i can know that u have recieved my email…….YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!


Phyllis replied:

I think that third graders would enjoy “Starting with Alice;” fourth graders, “Alice in Blunderland,” fifth graders, “Lovingly Alice,” and sixth graders “The Agony of Alice,” and “Alice in Rapture ,Sort Of.”  After that, if they read three books a year, in the right order, they and Alice will grow up about the same time together.


Posted on: July 3, 2009


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