Which Character I’d Like to Play


I’m an only child, a Catholic Christian, and I’m home-schooled.  I’ve been taking piano for a year and have already written three songs.  I love singing, but one of my absolute favorite things to do is to act.  I’ve been in a few plays already – I even played Maid Marian in Robin Hood.  Sometimes, more than acting, I enjoy writing.  I’ve completed a rough draft of a book and I’m working on the second book in the series.  In addition, I’m writing a screen play for a sequel to a movie I really liked – I just wanted it to continue, so I wrote it myself.  (It’s not an official sequel to the movie – at least not yet.)  I enjoy doing Irish Step and I have no experience playing baseball.  So, I guess since my real life is most like Caroline’s I suppose I’d want a challenge, perhaps I’d stick my nose in a book and be Beth (the Weirdo), or maybe I’d enjoy being a schemer like Edith Ann.  My mom say’s based on my closet and love of cookies – I’m actually most like Peter!  But what dost thou think?


Phyllis replied:

My guess is that you could play whomever you chose, though you’d have to learn baseball to play Eddie.  It’s wonderful to have so many hobbies and talents, and only time will tell what you eventually choose for a career.  I was at a dinner party once with five other couples, and we began talking about what career we’d prepared for in college.  And though some of us had actually gone into their chosen fields to start, every person there was now doing something entirely different.  Life has a way of surprising us.

Posted on: May 23, 2009


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