Will She End up Ever Becoming a Christian?


I think the Alice series is an amazing series; it is one of my favorite series. I have read the whole series twice and I’ve just begun my third time reading them. I just finished reading your latest book “Intensely Alice” and I read it so fast.  When I got to the end I was saddened that there wasn’t more.  You are an amazing author; you bring me to a whole new world.  This book was really special to me because last November I had a friend that died.  He was only 15 (and so am I) and it really affected me and so many other people.  I could really relate to Alice and what she was going through.  I asked those same questions she did when my friend died.  I’ve been reading all the questions on the blog about people asking why ——– died ………  and I would like to say that I understand why you chose that character.  Sometimes it’s the people you would least expect to die and they make such a big impact on people after they die.   

 Also, I like that Alice is questioning her faith.  I’ve always wondered if she’ll end up ever becoming a Christian.  Was her mom a Christian?  Are Sylvia and Ben?  What about Patrick?  I have never quite figured it out.  Lastly, I was wondering how many more books you are going to write and if you are writing more, when the next one comes out.  I really hope you continue to write them for a long time because I know that I have learned so much from them and I don’t want you to stop writing them.  They make a huge impact on all the people that read them.  I wish you would write them until she gets married (hopefully to Patrick J ).  Haha.  Anyways, thank you for writing them and thank you for taking the time to read mine and other peoples emails and answer them!  Sorry this was so long!

 Phyllis replied:

Alice’s faith is such a personal matter that I think she sums it up best when she tells her father how she feels about religion.   The very last book in the series, that will come out in 2013 will, I think, answer all your questions about what happens to Alice after college.

Posted on: June 24, 2009


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