Will There Be More Movies?

I just have a quick question!
Do you think that there are going to be anymore movies based off of the Alice Series?  I am a very big fan of your Alice books!
I just got the newest addition to your series in the mail not even a two days ago and I am already finished with it! It was greatly written by a wonderful author! I have been reading your Alice books from the beginning and I love them all! Thanks for all that you do! Your books are phenomenally written! Thank you for giving me a series of books that I love and when ever I get a new one it is so amazing I can’t put it down! Thanks to you, I never used to enjoy reading, but ever since I found out about your series of Alice books, I have been able to find a reason to enjoy it! Thanks so much! You are really one of my favorite authors! Thank you again for everything that you do! You are amazing!
Phyllis replied:
I’m glad you enjoy the books so much.  They’re some of my favorite to write.  I really don’t know if there will be more Alice movies or not.  I think the producer may have had a TV series in mind when the idea was first conceived.  But they’ve sort of written themselves into a corner with the changes they’ve made in the ages and races of some of the characters.  I’m wondering if there will be room for Gwen and other characters in later movies? But right now, they’re just getting reaction from the first movie, “Alice Upside Down,” which certainly had some good scenes and funny moments.  So we’ll see.  I’ve not heard anything yet.
Posted on: July 4, 2009


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