Writing about Buckhannon, W. Va.


I am an Elementary Education Major at WVWC in small town Buckhannon, West Virginia. Currently, I am writing a group paper with fellow classmates about the importance of incorporating your works into a classroom setting. If you could explain, into your own thoughts, why do you think that your books should be placed into Children’s hands worldwide. How would you? If by chance you had the opportunity to promote your novel about Shiloh or from a novel from the The Boys Start the War series internationally, would you? Can I ask you what inspirations lead you to writing about stories from a rural town such as Buckhannon, WV. Additionally, if you had any words of wisdom to pass down to future generations of students to come, what would you say?
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Phyllis replied:

My books have already been translated into sixteen different languages and placed in various countries around the world.  Both the Shiloh books and the Boys Start the War series are placed in West Virginia, as well as my novels Wrestle the Mountain, Send No Blessings, and Josie’s Troubles.  I fell in love with West Virginia after I fell in love with my husband, who was born in that state and graduated from WVWC, and we spent part of our honeymoon there.  Though not accurate in every detail, the Boys Start the War series was set, in my mind, in Buckhannon.

Posted on: November 10, 2017


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