Wrong and Confusing


Im a huge fan of all th Alice book, but am horrified at the movie “Alice upside down”!!! it was all wrong and confusing.
the characters look nothing like you discribded them, and it mixed up scenes from different books so the plot didnt make sense!
They also made my favorite character( aunt sally) seem so mean! in case they make another movie could you check to see if the film is like the book please!

Phyllis replied:

I’m sorry that you were disappointed in the movie, but making sure that the movie is like the book is not the way movies are done.  When a producer buys the movie rights to a book, he is free to go in whatever direction he likes.  He may decide to stick closely to the original plot.  He may decide to base his film on only some aspect of the book.  He can change the characters around.  As I’ve said frequently on this page, you need to watch the movie as a separate thing, apart from the book.  He wanted to appeal to a wide audience, so he changed the race of some of the characters; he added things that weren’t there; he used a younger actor for Lester and an older actress for Alice; he simply used “The Agony of Alice” as the starting place and took off from there.  I would have done some things differently had I been the producer, and I did ask that some of the scenes be changed, and they were.  But basically this is the way the producer and director saw the film, and they had the right to do it their way.

Posted on: July 1, 2009


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