You are my favorite author and the Alice series is my favorite series.

I have read 5+ Alice books and my brother has read SHILOH and I have enjoyed reading every single one of each Alice book. My favorite is Alice in Rapture, sort of. I can relate to many of the topics you write about. I have recommended many of them to my friends and they have enjoyed them, too. I have the Alice Upside Down movie and then I read The Agony of Alice and they do not really seem alike, but I can see how they used the book to create the movie.Every time my teacher tells us to clear our desks of our books, it is ALWAYS so hard to put down an Alice book.
I have just finished Alice in Lace. I especially like the parts where Pamela puts on Mrs. Price’s maternity tops and puts the pillow up underneath it. Sometimes I just have to read things over and over again and just laugh out loud. I LOVE the part about Mark Stedmeister in the very beginning asking Mr. Everett what kinds of problems there might be a Mr. Everett says “Anything from totaling a car from having a baby.” and Mark says ” Moi? A baby?” That was one of the times I had to laugh out loud.
I have really enjoyed reading your books and at first even I find it hard to believe, that Alice in Blunder land was just a fill in book while I was waiting for another book to get in at our school library. Since then, I have RARELY read a book other than that in the Alice series. You are my favorite author and the Alice series is my favorite series. I continue to be a fan of your books and am even thinking of doing an author study on you.

Thank you very much for reading my letter and my friends think you are an amazing author as well.

PHYLLIS Replied:
I’m delighted that you enjoy the books so much, because I have such a good time writing them!

Posted on: March 26, 2009


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