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i just gotta say that your adivce has really through out the years i remember writing my first letter to you when i was like i believe
in 6 about some stupid guy i supposely thought i was in love in back in the forth grade  then up to my 8grade year to my deep deression i was going through that you help look pass that n relizing friends come and go, and what really matter is the inner beauty that inside you and what on the outside
 n over summer begin stupid talking to a guy that lives 300miles away from me, that was proably using me cuase he had nothing better to do, and all the advice that you gave me on your replies really does help, it nice to know if like you cant talk to like a parent or something we could email an author that alot of people adore:) so ya i have a question i think it would be beyond amazing that after you fineish the series that it might be possible that you can make it into a Tv Series of course it wont be the same, but it be nice seeing the Charcters
come to life….. (sorry for the spelling errors)

Phyllis replied:


I really have very little to do with whether my books are made into movies or TV series.  Things like this are handled through my agent.  One of the Alice books, “The Agony of Alice,” was made into movie, “Alice Upside Down,” but a lot of things were changed, as they usually are when a book becomes a movie.  But I’m glad that you like the series. It was also good to know that perhaps some of the suggestions I made to you might have helped in your life.

Posted on: December 1, 2010


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