Alice Books Still Helping


I discovered the Alice books when I was in middle school. I have vivid memories of passing them between my friends – trading Alice in April for Alice the Brave and so forth. Once we caught up with all of the previously published books, my two best friends and I would wait eagerly each summer for the next one to be published. Throughout high school and college, the three of us held on to the tradition of sharing the Alice new novels each summer. Now, as a school counselor in an elementary school, re-reading the Alice books is like a visit with old friends. Memories of my own middle school experience come flooding back as I read about the adventures of Alice, Pamela and Liz. And in reliving their middle school experiences, and my own, I remember the twisty tumult of emotions of adolescence and bring those memories back to school and working with my students. I always feel like I can emphasize with my students better once Alice, Liz and Pam have helped me remember just how big a problem at home or school can feel when you’re a kid.

Phyllis replied:

I LOVE the idea of trading books with friends!  I hear that so much.  It’s one way to have the entire series at your fingertips.  And how wonderful that you can now recommend these books to your students.  Let’s face it: sometimes the problems at home or at school really are big ones, and can be overwhelming.  Counselors today are much more friendly and welcoming than the ones I remember; you mix much more with the students and let them get to know you before they come to you with problems, and that’s a good thing.

Posted on: August 31, 2016


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