Could I have a signed copy of your book?


I just want to start out by saying your book, Shiloh is amazing! I just read it for about the 10th time and every time I never come out from reading Shiloh dry-eyed. This book absolutely touched my heart. I think Judd is cruel to have beaten his dogs. This book really opened my eyes. When I grow up I want to be a dog charity owner, and save every dog I possibly could! I think it’s amazing how your brain came up with all of these different ideas! If you possibly could I would love a copy of your book Shiloh signed.

Phyllis replied:

Wouldn’t it be great if authors could just write books and give them out free? But just as plumbers aren’t expected to give free service and restaurants wouldn’t stay in business if they gave out free meals, authors make their living by writing and seeing their books sold in bookstores.  But I am always glad to  sign books that are sent to me or that people bring to author signings.  I’m just so happy that you like my book, and hope you do become a dog charity owner.




Posted on: October 6, 2016


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