Alice and sex education

I’m 22 years old and living abroad in England while I work on my masters dissertation, which is going talk about something along the lines of how young adult literature can help improve sex education (I’m still in the early stages of research). Anyway, I’ve been reading a lot of work by scholars who analyze young adult literature and your Alice series has been coming up over and over again. I didn’t expect researching for my dissertation to be such an emotional experience but even just reading the authors’ summaries and analyses of the Alice books has made me incredibly nostalgic and a little homesick. Thank you so much for the series; I’ve only read a handful of the books but the ones I did read had a huge impact on me and I’m going to try to get ahold of the whole series as soon as I can. I would if the Bodelian Library would order them for me…. Thank you again for writing a series that, even half-forgotten, still brings me back to being 11.
Phyllis replied:
 I’m so glad to know that the Alice books are so helpful.  (The whole series is available in paperback, by the way, in 3 boxed sets. See Amazon).  I think that Alice first thinks openly about sex in the book Lovingly Alice, when she is 10, and asking the very same questions I asked my own mother when I was that age.  My best wishes on your dissertation, and also in your career.
Posted on: January 15, 2017


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