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Why is Shiloh a beagle are beagles your favorite type of dog breed????What was your inspiration to become a writer and write Shiloh???Were you happy with the movie or would you liked to have made a few changes or edits to the movie!!!I love your books and would like to know some suggestions to some.I love your books and characters!!!!Love,
Shiloh lover❤


Phyllis replied:

When I came across the dog in West Virginia, which became the inspiration for the series, she looked something like a beagle.  And since beagles can be used for hunting, I decided that Shiloh would be a beagle.  I did like the movie very much.  I’m not sure we needed the added character of Sam, but there were some fine actors in that movie.  If you like to read series books, read the four books of my cat series: The  Grand Escape, The Healing of Texas Jake, Carlotta’s Kittens, and Polo’s Mother.  You might also like the series that begins with The Boys  Start the War and The Girls Get Even.

Posted on: February 8, 2017


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