Love The Series!


I was wondering if you have any suggestions about where to find the first five books, I have only read the books Achingly Alice and am reading Reluctantly Alice. My local library only has a few of your Alice books, and they are my new book obsession. I love the Shiloh Series, and when I found your Alice series, I thought ” I HAVE to check these books out ” I would like to read the whole series, and over summer break is the perfect time.


Phyllis replied:

The entire series is available in paperback as a collection (3 boxed sets)–check out Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  If you just want to read, not own them, ask your public library to “special order” them for you from another library.  They can easily check to see who has them.  It may take awhile if too many people are on the reserved list, but you should get them eventually.

Posted on: June 11, 2017


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