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Dear Phyllis, I’m father of a 12yo girl who’s anxious to read a book from Alice’s series. We’re italian and we can’t find it anywhere. It’s cover of the italian version is this one :
We can manage to read the english version, but I’m not sure which one is it, can you please help?
I think is the one before “Alice is in love (maybe)”, it was released in 1998…
Might it be “The agony of Alice”?
Thanks in advance


Phyllis replied:


Yes, I went through my own collection, and find the one copy in Italian.  I would send that to you, but it’s the only one I have.  Get the English version, THE AGONY OF ALICE, and yes, it is the book that comes before ALICE IN RAPTURE, SORT OF, which the Italian version calls Alice is in Love (Maybe).  If you can read the originals in English, I think you will enjoy them more.  I’ve heard from readers that the translations usually aren’t as frank and funny as the English.

Posted on: July 29, 2017


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