Age level appropriateness for for each of the Alice books


I would like to have a general idea as to the reader age level appropriateness of each of the Alice series books.
My 12 and 15 year old granddaughters and I love the Alice books but as we now about to read Alice On Her Way and others in the series that will presumably deal with more “mature” subject matter, I would like to have a general idea if and/or when I should consider putting off reading the later books until the younger of the two girls is a year or two or three older. Thanks for your help with this question and for your wonderful Alice series books that the three of us so dearly appreciate and love to talk about.

PS Do you know if there is an Alice book group in or near the Seattle area?


Phyllis replied:

If you go to the “Alice series” section of my website,, and click on the book you are thinking about reading next, it will tell you what grade Alice is in, in that particular book, and/or how old she is.  If the three of you are reading those books together, then select the book according to the age of your youngest granddaughter.  If your older granddaughter is reading the books on her own, she, of course, could be reading those in which  Alice is her own age.  What you may consider appropriate may differ from what I would allow my own daughter to read, if I had a daughter.  But I think you will find that Alice tries to think through each situation, and although she makes mistakes sometimes, she is genuinely close to her dad, and wants him to love and respect her.  I don’t know if there is an Alice group near Seattle, but the young adult librarian at your public library might know.

Posted on: November 18, 2017


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