Abused as a puppy?


Hi, my name is Ashlyn I am in fourth grade. At my school we were reading the book Shiloh and loved it. We just finished the movie. We loved it but also shed some tears over them. We felt so bad for Shiloh! I have to ask you something. Is Shiloh okay? Was he really abused as a puppy? If so did you ever at one time have to give Shiloh back for a short time period? Well we loved your book and hope to read the following series!

Phyllis replied:

No one really knows what happened to the dog before I found her.   We just knew by the way she was acting when I first approached her that she had been mistreated in the past.  Once our friends adopted her, they claimed she was the happiest dog in West Virginia, and she lived to be about twelve years old.  (She was a female dog, but I changed her to male in the book).

Posted on: December 20, 2017


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