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I like the book ”Shiloh” it was pretty neat. You did make it a little hard to make a few theory’s. Like in the beginning Marty wanted Shiloh but he had to do some hard work to get him and at the end he got him. Judd in the beginning wouldn’t let Marty have Shiloh and didn’t take care of his dogs at the end Judd took good care of his dogs and also let Marty have Shiloh. I was surprised that you did write a book about something that was familiar from what you saw once before. How did you come up with the characters and the paths throughout the story?

Phyllis replied:

Hmmm.  I’m guessing that coming up with theories about the book was your homework assignment, right?   I wasn’t really thinking about theories when I wrote it.  I just wanted to tell a story, and I was especially interested in how Marty would be able to persuade Judd to let him have Shiloh.  With me, every book starts with a situation, and the characters develop from that.


Posted on: December 13, 2016


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