New book! Zack and the Turkey Attack

Coming this fall!

The story of a boy who loves everything about helping out on his granddad’s farm on weekends, except… for the ornery tom turkey that attacks him the minute he steps out of his dad’s pickup.  Or every time he crosses the yard….or every time he comes down the porch steps….    One friend says he’ll help, but  another friend has a problem even more serious…….




Posted on: May 8, 2017

Washington Independent Writers Conference

Phyllis Naylor will be on a panel discussing the marketing of children’s books, on Saturday,  April 29, 3:55 to 4:45.  The conference is being held at the College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center,  3501 University Blvd. E,  in Hyattsville, Maryland.  She will be signing books after the panel discussion.  For more information, go to

Posted on: April 13, 2017

Phyllis Naylor to Give the de Grummond Lecture

Mrs. Naylor has been chosen to present the de  Grummond Lecture at the University of Southern Mississippi on Wednesday, April 5th.  This annual lecture is in connection with the Fay B . Kaigler Children’s Book Festival and the de Grummond Children’s Literature Research Collection.  For information, contact Ellen Ruffin, 601-266-6543

Posted on: April 2, 2017

The Witch Series…continued?


I loved reading the first 3 Witch books as a child. Imagine my excitement when a few years ago I discovered there were 3 more books in the series! I bought them all and they were as good as I remembered.  I’ve often thought it would be a great series to revisit. Perhaps a few more books with Lynn and Mouse as adults?I’d love for the story to continue – have you ever considered that?


Phyllis replied:

Oh, my goodness!  Lynn and Mouse as adults?  I don’t know….they’re more vulnerable at the age they are, so I wouldn’t try that.  I have too many other books I want to write, but it was a blast writing those six.  Scared me half to death just thinking all that stuff up.  The two scariest parts for me were the girls in Mouse’s bedroom alone at night, and suddenly all these cats and crows are scratching at the windows trying to get in.  And then…the scene in the cellar, with Mrs. Tuggle coming for them, and at the last minute they draw the circle around them on the floor….  I have goosebumps right now, just thinking about it.  I’m so glad you enjoyed those books.

Posted on: March 14, 2017

Can I have your autograph?


Can I have your autograph?

Phyllis replied:

Yes, if you send me your home address, complete with your full name and zip code.  Your name and address will not appear here, however.

Posted on: March 3, 2017

School presentations/Visits


We have a Young Author’s Conference here in May. We like to have an Author’s presentation for our students. It is preferred to have an author that connects with our 100% free lunch population.
Do you come to schools?

Phyllis replied:

I have no idea where your school is located.  Yes, I connect well to students who are on a  free-lunch basis, but I have to save most my time now for my writing.  There are just so many books in my head, waiting to be written.  I do still speak at conferences and once in a great while, I’ll make a school visit.

Posted on: March 3, 2017

Could You Write About This?


Could you make a book on a girl who’s parents get separated?? Because I think other people should know about what it feels like. I love your Alice books.


Phyllis replied:

I did.  In the  Alice series, Pamela’s parents separate, and a number of the books deal partly with Pamela’s feelings about it.  Alice on Board is a good example.  I also wrote a book, The Solomon System, about two brothers whose parents are separating, the anger and sorrow the brothers feel, and how they deal with it.  I’m so happy you like the Alice books

Posted on: February 25, 2017

FaceTime???? OBOS


Hi! My elementary students, staff, and families are loving Marty and Shiloh as we share the text through One Book One School. Any chance we could FaceTime with you? Thanks for even considering my request. Signed, A Hopeful Reading Teacher

Phyllis replied:

I love hearing that your school is using Shiloh for your One-Book-One-School selection.  I truly wish I had time to meet all the requests.  I do occasionally agree to have a 15 minute Q/A with a class after they have read the book, if your school can set up a speaker phone in your classroom.

Posted on: February 23, 2017

I Want to Become Writer


I want to become an author just like you and write children’s books when I am older. Would you say this is a great career or does have some pros and cons? 2) Why do you think people gave you so many rejections? I personally would say you wouldn’t deserve any! 3) I LOVE to read! Are there any books you would recommend? 😉 Love, a Shiloh addict

Phyllis replied:

Like all careers, this has pros and cons:  it is a very competitive field.  When I first began submitting manuscripts, you could send it right to an editor.  Now, most publishers insist that manuscripts come to them through an agent.  Also, I wrote short stories for church magazines for 15 years before I ever attempted to write a novel, and I learned a great deal this way.  Yes, I  received over 10,000 rejection slips, but this was a time that I could send out multiple copies of a single story, and because Baptists didn’t read Methodist publications, and Methodists didn’t read Catholic story papers, church editors didn’t mind.  So a single story may have received eleven rejections, and nine acceptances.  I was able to support myself in this way.  So many of my friends are writers, it’s hard to recommend any one book over the others.  I loved Katherine Paterson’s the Great Gilly Hopkins. Also Jerry Spinelli’s Wringer.  And Gary Paulson’s Hatchet.  If you liked Shiloh, make sure you read the other three books in that series.  You might also enjoy Faith, Hope and Ivy June; Jade Green; The Boys Start the War, and the 28 books of my Alice series.  As to  your own writing, write from the heart.  Try taking events from your own life that affected  you emotionally and use these as starting places.  Turn them over to your imagination and see where they take you.  And don’t give up!

Posted on: February 2, 2017

The Alice Collection: New Alice Boxed Sets!

Whether you’ve just been introduced to Alice or are an old friend, these three new Alice boxed sets are the perfect way to follow along on Alice’s journeys from start to finish and they are available now!

The Alice Collection: Alice In Elementary

Alice has been through it all. Friendships, breakups, love…and we get to experience it all with her. In this, the very first Alice boxed set, you will find the youngest years of Alice’s life, from third, fourth, and fifth grades. Begin the journey here with Starting with Alice, Alice in Blunderland, and Lovingly Alice. For more information or to purchase The Alice Collection: Alice in Elementary boxed set, click here.


The Alice Collection: The Middle School Years

In this boxed set you will find Alice’s ups and downs of from sixth grade through the summer before high school. Continue the journey here with eleven Alice books: The Agony of Alice; Alice in Rapture, Sort Of; Reluctantly Alice; All But Alice; Alice In Between; Alice the Brave; Alice in Lace; Outrageously Alice; Achingly Alice; Alice on the Outside; and The Grooming of Alice. For more information or to purchase The Alice Collection: The Middle School Years boxed set, click here.


The Alice Collection: High School and Beyond

In this boxed set, you will see Alice through high school, into college, and beyond. It includes the Alice bind-ups of her high school years, and the most anticipated finale, where you finally find out who “the one” is. It’s all here, in these books: I Like Him, He Likes Her; It’s Not Like I Planned It This Way; Please Don’t Be True; You and Me and the Space In Between; and Now I’ll Tell You Everything. For more information or to purchase The Alice Collection: High School and Beyond boxed set, click here.


Posted on: July 4, 2016


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