Alice and Patrick [spoiler alert]


I love Alice more than every other book. I started reading them in German (I’m from Switzerland) and because the second half is only in English, I must read them in English. It was so exciting I couldn’t stop read them. These books helped me for speaking better English and I love this language.
Is the love story between Alice and Patrick real? That they know each other since sixth grade, then Patrick went to Spain and to the Peace Corps and that they met on the airport in Chicago again? Happened this between you and Bill or have you imagined that?

Phyllis replied:

Ummm… Who is Bill?   The Alice books are all from my imagination, though based loosely on a few things that happened to me growing up (the Tarzan story in “The Agony of Alice,” for one.)  I loved hearing that the books helped you learn English better.  Since I have no second language at all, I’m impressed at how well you are doing.  Yes, I’m afraid Germany published only the younger books, before Alice begins to develop sexual feelings, but it certainly has helped dozens and dozens of German readers learn English!


Posted on: February 4, 2017


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