Alice’s love life



Why’d you start Alice’s love life at such a young age? Yes she is quite mature for her age as a sixth grade. As for myself I enjoy reading your books about Alice through her middle school stage. As a middle schooler like me it helps me through the ups and downs of being a seventh grade girl. Go Alice you slay!


Phyllis replied:


If by “love life” you mean sitting on a porch swing eating chocolates with a boy, well….I know a lot of girls these days who have boyfriends a lot younger than that.  In kindergarten, I remember, I printed “Phyllis loves Tommy” on our front sidewalk with chalk, and a newspaper reporter picked it up as a “sign of spring.”   From the mail I get, I know there are girls who are sexually active with boys in middle school; I also hear from plenty of girls who did not date or get their first kiss until they were in college.  So there is no “normal.”  But I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Alice books.  Hope you can find all 28.

Posted on: May 8, 2017


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