Another Alice Movie?


Hey, I’ve watched the Alice Upside Down and I was wondering if there would be another movie like based on the last book Now I’ll Tell You Everything and how everything all ended. I know you may not have control of making the movie, but are you allowed to ask some directors if they could make a movie for your readers? I really enjoyed reading the Alice series and I’m really sad that it ended but I loved how it ended.


Phyllis replied:

The same directors and producers who made this Alice movie, based very loosely on The Agony of Alice, made the three Shiloh movies also.  So they are aware of all the Alice books, but whether or not they want to do another, I don’t know.  Right now they’re focused on the possibility of a movie of A Shiloh Christmas.  They do know that the Alice books have a special place in my heart!

Posted on: August 27, 2016


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