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Including Alice

Including Alice

The moment Alice has been yearning for has arrived….Alice’s dad is finally marrying Sylvia Summers! Alice knew they were perfect for each other when she set them up back in seventh grade, but now The Big Day is here.

She’s so excited, so vindicated, so grown-up, and so…well, so left out. Now no one has time for Alice anymore, and the situation just gets worse when Sylvia moves into their house. Nothing is the way Alice thought it would be. Her dad and Sylvia have their new life together; Lester has his new apartment; and Alice feels like she’s on her own for the first time in her life.

She’s also starting to notice that even though Dad and Sylvia are perfectly happy together, not everyone gets along so well. Elizabeth and Ross never see each other; Leslie and Lori are breaking up; Pamela and her mother can’t seem to find a way to even talk to each other; and Alice herself has started to hear some surprising rumors about Patrick….

When Alice sees her dad and Sylvia navigate their new marriage, she starts to understand all the hard work that goes into relationships, and how even when people seem to be meant for each other, it’s not always easy to be together.

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