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Shadows on the Wall

Shadows on the Wall

First Book of the York Triology

Dan Roberts is unexpectedly plucked from his everyday life for a vacation in York England, with his parents. He’s delighted by the vacation, but puzzled by how his parents are acting. One minute they are gushing and effusive, the next cold and silent. He soon discovers why: His father has found that their family has a hereditary nerve disease called Huntington’s Disease, which his father might have — and might have passed on to him.

As Dan struggles with the knowledge that he might have a terrible disease, that might affect whether he can marry and have kids, he encounters a friendly cab driver named Joe Stanton, and a group of mysterious gypsies led by Ambrose Faw. The strange ways of the gypsies are intermingled with visions of Roman soldiers, and a mysterious feeling of dread that Dan gets every now and then. He is inclined to think the visions and dread are hallucinations — but Joe sees them too…

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