Does Shiloh Die?


Shiloh series is a fantastic book series. My 8 year old son and his classmates were reading Shiloh, and he wanted to continue that at home. My son and I read together at night, and this has been a great series to do that with. We are on the last book  A Shiloh Christmas. My concern is that after all this time loving this dog, we find out that Shiloh dies. I know all dogs do, we lost our beloved dog just a couple years ago. It was very difficult. Every so often our son will say, “I really miss him”, just out of the blue. 🙁 I need to be prepared and know if Shiloh Dies at the End of This Book. I need to be prepared to help my son with it. Thanks so much for your work. And for giving my son and I some special time each evening.

Phyllis replied:

Shiloh does NOT die in my series.  Perhaps the fact that the real dog back in West Virginia, which inspired the series, died in 2000, gets mixed up with the dog in the book.  Although there are lots of tense moments in A Shiloh Christmas, I think that both you and your son will enjoy the ending.

Posted on: February 27, 2017


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