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Hello, we are a group of third graders currently reading Shiloh. Our teacher is sending these questions on our behalf. Here is what we would like to know. 1. Have you ever considered writing a 5th Shiloh book? We would love to see one with an added dog character that would be a lovable friend to Shiloh. 2. What inspired you to write Shiloh? 3. Out of all of your books you have written which is your favorite and why? Thanks so much for reading this and we hope to hear from you!


Phyllis replied:


I haven’t considered writing a 5th Shiloh book because there are SO many other books in my head waiting to be written.  I wrote the first Shiloh book because I actually found such a dog in the little community of Shiloh, West Virginia, when we were visiting friends in that area.  Our friends eventually adopted the dog and named her Clover.  All of my books are like children to me: I love them all for different reasons. But there are probably two that stand out–a book for adults called Unexpected Pleasures, about a bridge builder and a young girl, and Shiloh.

Posted on: May 10, 2017


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